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Worm gear pump

About the worm gear pump

This pump offers solutions in situations involving high viscosity; in cases in which the product is one that flows only with difficulty or in which the product does not consist of liquid at all. Abrasive foodstuffs can also be pumped well using the worm gear pump. There is a broad selection of materials, which renders applicability practically limitless. The pump is also available with trolley and control cabinet.

Flowcomm offers a ready-made pump solution for every application. Ten types of worm gear pump have been developed, each of which has its own specific characteristics and advantages. You can find descriptions of all of them below. Can’t figure it out? Then reach out to us. We’re happy to share our long-time experience with you.

Worm gear pump

Worm gear pump designs

Flowcomm has the perfect pump solution for every application in the processing industry

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