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Tube heat exchangers

About the tube exchanger

We are truly proud of this product. The tube heat exchangers from our manufacturer MBS are known for their long life and maintenance-free character. The mono tubes have a large, open culvert. This makes them suitable for heating or cooling products with solid particles, such as e.g. sauce or purée. The multi tubes have a large surface for heat transmission. Very suitable for e.g. heating liquids with the aid of steam.

Is a hygienic design important? Our Mixflo series of tube heat exchangers has been specifically conceived for such applications. The Crossflo series of tube heat exchangers is another such robust design. Also available in a separate steam version.

Mixflo tube heat exchanger features

Crossflo tube exchanger features

  • Available in various stainless steel materials
  • Elastomers will not come into contact with the product
  • Maintenance-free
  • Standard compensator
  • Elements from 1 to 6 metres
  • UNI 2278 PN 16 flanges
  • Diverse connection options possible

More information

All connections are supervised on a client-specific basis, without extra charge. That, you see, is what we call flexibility.