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Sinus pump

About the floor sinus pump

This displacement pump’s motto is ‘handle with care’. Our sinus pump by CSF is specially designed to effect the smooth relocation of large quantities of liquid, highly viscous, fragile or shear-prone liquids. No loss of quality shall occur if the product is handled in extremely gentle fashion. No issues with foam formation on account of the pumping.

This pump has a compact design and is used to pump liquids with both high and low viscosity. These include: cremes, lotions, products for the fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industries, as well as practically all thin and thick liquid food products with or without solid particles. Mildly abrasive products, once again. Maintenance has also been taken into consideration: nearly all important parts subject to wear can be replaced without expansion or upgrading.

Sinus pump features

Various versions of the sinus pump

– A broad selection of materials and motors is available on demand

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