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Service and maintenance

Flowcomm Projects and Service B.V.

Not an undertaking to be taken lightly. Carrying out the right service and maintenance activities is crucial to the continued functioning of our clients’ production facilities. This is why Flowcomm Projects & Service (FCPS) was created. Our brand-independent subsidiary offers support to client via:

  • Well-trained service technicians
  • A private workshop
  • Locally-maintained inventory of spare and replacement parts
  • Employee training

Brand-independent know-how and experience

The market is seeking a party with a wide-ranging approach and an eye for the long term. For this reason, Flowcomm Projects & Service operates in brand-independent fashion. In other words: while our service technicians provide services for products supplied by Flowcomm, they also service products provided by other suppliers. And with success: This broad field of vision has resulted in a steady flow of service orders and a company with very considerable ability.

Integration of service and components for new projects

We use the knowledge we acquire in various ways. Of course, this includes the performance of our daily maintenance and servicing tasks. But that’s not everything. Due to the integration of service and components for new projects, we are in position to advise clients during the engineering stage. We know in advance how you will fare later on. Flowcomm Projects & Service makes this possible.

Working on quality

For every project, we only work with the specialists. With professionals who embrace the same principles we do. Integrity, commitment and reliability form the solid foundation. We always honour the agreements we’ve made, and we take responsibility for the results.

A workshop with well-trained service technicians and spare parts maintained in local inventories.