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Overpressure protection

About overpressure protection

If needed, the pressure relief valve will assume responsibility and intervene. Our pressure relief valves manufactured by Bardiani are wonderfully equipped for their role. Each component of this part that comes into contact with the product – or with the pneumatics – is manufactured from solid stainless steel bars. This ensures the product’s sturdiness. It also results in minimum sensitivity to thermal effects.

In addition, it possesses remarkable flexibility. The abundance of valve body combinations renders your options literally and figuratively limitless. As a consequence, there are a great deal of possibilities as far as optimum cleaning of the valve is concerned. Do you require something in particular in addition? Let us know about it. Our production is tailored to your demands.

Maintenance has also been taken into consideration. With our solid body design (without clamp), the valve body can remain in place inside the piping system. The standard o-rings are widely available and easy to install. Has an older generation been installed? If so, the stainless steel parts can be supplied. We guarantee it.


Designs and options

  • Aseptic by means of a double barrier
  • Parabolic screw plug
  • Stainless steel protective cover
  • A heated body for products such as chocolate, glucose, cream, etc. This option is available for all types
  • Custom design available upon request


  • Type BBZS1: Overpressure protection with adjustable spring pressure
  • Type BBZS5: With air pressure-operated lifting cylinder for the purpose of CIP
  • Type BBZSA: Adjustable by means of a double-action air motor

More information

The untold versatility and flexibility of an overpressure protection system. Flowcomm can make it happen.