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High-pressure valve

Regarding the high-pressure valve

These valves are quite comfortable doing things other valves can no longer do. Our high-pressure valve is designed for the heaviest and most demanding applications. Each component that comes into contact with the product – or with the pneumatics – is manufactured from solid stainless steel bars.

Minimal vulnerability to thermal effects, but with maximum user-friendliness. Maintenance is a cakewalk since the valve bodies can stay in place during the process. The standard O-rings are widely available and easy to install.

And you also benefit from flexibility: we can adjust the dimensions of the pneumatic parts, the type of connection and other characteristics in accordance to meet our clients’ needs.

High-pressure valve features

Various versions of the high-pressure valve

We can adjust the valve for you to meet your needs: accessories, special gates, diameters and other solutions are available as usual. Just ask us about the possibilities!

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The valves are very sturdy and can withstand great force and fluctuations in temperature