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Giotto Top Unit

About the Giotto top unit

To begin with:

Several of our clients have standardised their systems using a single type of top unit. Flowcomm naturally respects the choices of its customers and, for this very reason, offers a unique opportunity in the market: upon request, we will install the top units for any other brand on our valves and guarantee their functioning.

About the top unit

In the interests of freedom of choice, we’re always happy to discuss our top units with you. The Giotto top unit is a reliable worker and the first choice of manufacturer Bardiani. Its performance lives up to expectations with the aid of proven technology. That’s operating safety.

But there’s more. The top unit is widely configurable, with extension options available. Its modular design permits updates to be adjusted inside the existing casing. Good when considering future perspectives: there’s no real need to purchase a new one.


Special design

The Giotto’s little brother is called Junior. Thanks to its size, we can offer an aesthetically pleasing solution for our smaller valves.

More information

The top unit is simple and reliable. Widely configurable with a broad variety of extension options