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There is an enormous variety of products and processes within the foodstuffs industry, the largest industry in the Netherlands. From processing vegetable or animal fats and oils to the processing of greens, fish, meat or poultry. Flowcomm and its components form a concentrated approach to food safety.

We are an important partner for the foodstuffs industry. We guarantee consistent hygiene processes. Because hygiene provides the driving force in successful food processing. Regardless of the food application or the approach to the method; producers can count on high quality hygienic applications when it comes to our components and advice.

Foodstuffs industry

Meat and poultry

Quality standards for food processing companies are becoming an increasingly significant factor. Efficient and hygienic processing is therefore essential for meat and poultry products. Our high-quality process components form part of our guarantee of process operation and quality. This way, our pumps, among other things, can be used for various applications.

In addition to consumer products, we are seeing an increase in secondary products, such as blood, bones, edible fat, gelatin and biofuel. Even in markets in which we play an important role on the basis of our ability to offer the right technological applications in order to meet the demands of the production process.

Processing of oil and fat

Together, the Dutch companies that form the chain for oils and fats constitute one of the largest agrofood sectors in the Netherlands. They operate in an international environment and occupy a dominant position, both in Europe and throughout the world. Durability and sustainable development are a high priority for this industry.

With these components, we provide a suitable response to questions within those industries concerned with oil or fat as a principal component. This way, we use our Bardiani valves in complex systems that process fats, oils or gelatin. nd our scraped surface heat exchangers manufactured by MBS are used in various capacities by producers of mayonnaise and sauces.

Foodstuffs industry
Foodstuffs industry

Gum processing

There are many kinds of gum, each of which is based on a different material. In the foodstuffs industry, gum is not only used as a thickening agent, but also as a stabiliser for other products, such as chocolate, margarine, chewing gum and bakery products. Other uses include gelling agents, stabilisers and alternatives to fat. Gum also finds frequent and manifold use in non-food industries, including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

If your industrial processes involve processing gum, Flowcomm can offer an entire spectrum of specialised products to choose from and deploy. What does the gum do to the viscosity of the product? What does this do with the pressure within the application? Which pumps should we configure and which heat exchanger should we use to lower the viscosity while maintaining the flow? Questions we’d love to tackle together with you in order to achieve the desired results with the aid of our components.