May 19, 2022



Zij staan bekend als de trendsetters in duurzaamheid en de professionalisering van de biologische zuivelbranche. VecoZuivel BV in Zeewolde is toonaangevend en gestandaardiseerd op het leveringspakket van Flowcomm. “Wij betrekken bij hen kleppen, pompen, filterhuizen en buizenwarmtewisselaars”, vertelt Alexander van Rouwendaal, voormalig eigenaar van VecoZuivel.

In his experience, dealing with Flowcomm's employees is very pleasant. Alexander: “They are experienced and knowledgeable people. You will be well helped and they keep track of what has been delivered. We want contacts who know what they are talking about and you will certainly find them at Flowcomm. We built a new one in 2009 and at the time we started looking for the best valves. We found it in the Bardiani brand, because of the robustness of the housing. That determines the lifespan. Our choice was not based on our personal experience, but it turns out that we were right. It is a reliable material with a high dimensional stability to temperature fluctuations. And we hear that from colleagues in the market who, like us, have switched to Bardiani.”

According to him, no more 'junk' is sold in the Netherlands, but Flowcomm's products stand out everywhere. “Personally, I think Bardiani is the best valve brand”, is Alexander's opinion. He is also pleased with the supply of spare parts and expresses the hope that this will also remain the case for older models for many years to come. Delivery times are also very good. “If the local stock in the Netherlands is insufficient in some cases, it can be replenished fairly quickly from Italy,” is his experience.

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