plate heat exchanger

We are very proud of this. The tube heat exchangers from our manufacturer MBS are known for a long service life and are maintenance-free. The mono-tubes have a large free passage. This makes them suitable for heating or cooling products with solid parts, such as sauce or puree. The multi-tubes have a large surface area for heat transfer. Very suitable for, for example, heating liquids by means of steam.

Is hygienic design important? Our Mixflo series of tube heat exchangers has been specially designed for such applications. The Crossflo series of tube heat exchangers, on the other hand, is extra robust. Also available in a special steam version.

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Mixflo tube exchanger​

Easy to clean​

Available in many versions including: aseptic, according to 3A and fully demountable​

Available in various stainless steel materials​

Elastomers do not come into contact with the product​



Optional Compensator​

Elements from 0.5 to 6 meters​

Very suitable for viscous products or products with solids​


tube exchanger​

Available in various stainless steel materials

Elastomers do not come into contact with the product


Standard compensator

Elements from 1 to 6 meters

UNI 2278 PN 16 flanges

Various connections are possible


Max. pressure

10 bar

Max. temperature


Standard materials



Product side Ra < 0.8 um



Other products

Scraping Heat Exchanger



Easily cleanable

Tube heat exchanger

Expansion free

Easily cleanable


Plate heat exchanger

Compact design

High efficiency

Low investment costs

Steam/water mixer

Easy to install


No tanks needed

20 years of experience

Sustainable working method

300+ completed projects

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Tube heat exchanger