Stop and diverter valve

Wanneer robuustheid en flexibiliteit van belang zijn, kun je met goed fatsoen geen keuze maken zonder eerst deze stop- en wisselafsluiter te zien. Ieder component dat in contact staat met het product - of met de pneumatics - wordt door fabrikant Bardiani uit massief RVS stafmateriaal vervaardigd. Dat zorgt ervoor dat onze stop- en wisselafsluiters ongevoelig zijn voor thermische werking.

Robust enough? Then we go to flexibility. Because of the many valve housing designs you can really go in all directions. The valves even have a reverse acting function to prevent water hammer. Do you need a special? No problem.

Maintenance has also been considered. With our solid body version (without clamping band), the valve housing can remain in the pipework. The standard o-rings are widely available and easy to install. Is an older generation fitted? Then the stainless steel parts will also remain available. Guaranteed.

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Stop and diverter valve

Material in contact with the product: AISI 316L​

Standard finish 0.8 microns. Up to 0.2 microns available on request​

Connections: DN15 to DN150: DIN, SMS, IDF, BS (RJT), ISO, Tri-Clamp, flanges (various other options on request)​

Changing the switching function (NO/NC) is very easy​

Maximum working pressure: 10 bar​

Minimum working pressure: full vacuum​

Maximum temperature: 140 °C​

Minimum temperature -10°C

All elastomers comply with FDA guidelines: EPDM, Viton®, Silicone, HNBR, PTFE​

EHEDG certified



A heated house for products such as chocolate, glucose, cream, etc.

All stop and diverter valves can also be manually operated instead of air operated


  • Stop valve (type BBZP)
  • Diverter valve (type BBZP)
  • Aseptic Double Barrier Stop Valve (Type BBYP)
  • Aseptic Double Barrier Stop Valve (Type BBYP)
  • Stop valve with two-stage motor (type BBZT)
  • Shuttle valve with two-position motor (type BBZT)


Max. pressure

10 bar

Max. temperature


Min. temperature


Connections from DN10 up to DN150

DIN, SMS, IDF, BS (RJT), Clamp, Flange

Material in contact with the product

AISI 316L (1.4404)

Material gaskets in contact with the product (FDA homologation)



Air pressure

6 to 8 bar

Maximum working pressure

See product sheet

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Stop and diverter valve