This is simple and safe technique. With our Gheyser steam/water mixers, you can quickly and effectively provide hot water under low pressure. Using existing steam and cold water facilities.

The steam and water are mixed together in a special chamber. This mixing chamber is designed to minimize noise and vibration. A safety system ensures that the mixing chamber always contains water during standard use. The unit is easily controlled via water and steam valves on the inlet, and a built-in thermometer on the outlet.

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mixer features

Instant hot water at low investment costs​

Output temperature adjustable from 35°C to 95°C ​


No tanks required​

Two sizes available with different capacity​


Cost effective ​

Made of stainless steel​

No moving parts or electrical connections​

Applications in food industry, breweries, delicatessen factories, slaughterhouses, cheese factories, hospitals and

Additional accessories available per application​

Special applications possible on request​


  • M34
  • M114

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20 years of experience

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Steam/water mixer