lobe pump

This is the most widely used positive displacement pump in the food industry. Whose deed. Our rotary lobe pump is known for its long service life and low maintenance costs. Great for shear sensitive products such as cream, ketchup, toothpaste and yeast. In addition to the food industry, our CSF and OMAC rotary lobe pumps are also used in the pharmaceutical and light chemical industry.

Flowcomm offers a ready-made pump solution for every application. Truly a one-stop shop. Eight types of centrifugal pumps have been developed, each with its own specific characteristics and advantages. Below they are. Can't quite figure it out? Then contact us. We are happy to share our many years of experience with pumps with you.

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lobe pump

In-line cleanable

CIP cleanable

The direction of rotation of the pump is reversible​

Suitable for pumping shear-sensitive products​

Constant capacity

Can be set up both horizontally and vertically​


  • B series. A modular designed rotary lobe pump, compact and very robust. Equipped with double conical bearings. Extremely low tolerances possible for an optimal return without risk of product contamination.
  • BA/BB series.
  • BE series. These are derived from the B-series rotary lobe pumps. Designed as a monoblock pump, where the drive unit is mounted directly on the pump by means of an IEC standard flange. The BE type is a cheaper alternative for less demanding applications where a high hygienic standard is important.
  • BF series. The BF series rotary lobe pumps have the same features and performance as the B series. They are designed to meet the highest cleanability and resistance requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industry. EHEDG certified.
  • C/CF series. EHEDG certified.



Flushed seals

Enlarged inlet

Heated house

Heated pump housing cover

Overpressure protection

External overpressure protection

External overpressure protection

Hydraulically driven

Mounted on frame

Compact setup

Various trolleys

Various types of lobes

Various types of seals

Other products

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Easily cleanable

Tube heat exchanger

Expansion free

Easily cleanable


Plate heat exchanger

Compact design

High efficiency

Low investment costs

Steam/water mixer

Easy to install


No tanks needed

20 years of experience

Sustainable working method

300+ completed projects

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Lobe pump