giotto top unit

Some of our customers are standardized on one type of top unit. Flowcomm naturally respects every choice and that is why we offer a possibility that is unique in the market: on request we mount top units of any other brand on our valves and guarantee their operation.

If you have a free choice, we would be happy to enter into a dialogue with you about our top Unit. The Giotto top unit is a reliable power and the first choice of manufacturer Bardiani. With proven techniques he does what he has to do. That is operational security.

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Elastomers: NBR

Protection class: IP67

Diameter luchtinlaat: 1/8 "BSP

Luchtslang-aansluiting: rond 6mm. OP aanvraag ook verkrijgbaar rond 6,35 mm (1/4")

Air pressure: 6-7 bar (4-7 bar for B925)


Special edition

But there's more. The top unit is widely configurable, with options to expand. Due to the modular construction, updates can easily be applied within the existing housing. Good to take into account with a view to the future: it is then not immediately necessary to buy a new one.

The little brother of the Giotto unit is called Junior. Due to its size, we can offer an aesthetically beautiful solution for our smaller valves.


Casing material

PA66 + PA6 (GF30+GB)30PA6I/6T

Max. temperature


Min. temperature


Protection class


Air inlet

1/8” (BSP)

Air Supply Pressure

From 6 to 7 bar

Air supply

Class 2, 4 , 3

ISO 8573-1

Gaskets material


Other products

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Easily cleanable

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Expansion free

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Plate heat exchanger

Compact design

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No tanks needed

20 years of experience

Sustainable working method

300+ completed projects

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Giotto Top Unit