centrifugale pump

This pump is a familiar sight in the process industry. In our experience the most commonly used pump in processes where liquid is transported without adding pressure. In addition to the process industry, our centrifugal pumps from manufacturer CSF are also used in the extraction and purification of drinking water and the processing of waste water. If desired, available with trolley and switch box.

Flowcomm offers a ready-made pump solution for every application. Truly a one-stop shop. Eight types of centrifugal pumps have been developed, each with its own specific characteristics and advantages. Below they are. Can't quite figure it out? Then contact us. We are happy to share our many years of experience with pumps with you.

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Centrifugal pump


centrifugal pump

In-line cleanable

Version in accordance with EHEDG, 3A, FDA​

Pump housing can be rotated 360 degrees​

Can be performed draining​

Can be self-vented​

Possible versions

  • CS/CSX series. This centrifugal pump is completely modular. Very efficient and with a low noise level. Capacity from 0 to 500 m3/h. Pressure up to 100 mwc.
  • CSA/ASH series. These CS centrifugal pumps are 3A and EHEDG certified.
  • CSK Series. A range of modular centrifugal pumps with a wide capacity.
  • CSM series. Multistage pumps based on the CS centrifugal pump.
  • CR series. For transporting product with solids and/or products with a high viscosity. Designed for minimal product damage. The CR series has the mixed characteristics of a centrifugal pump and a screw pump.
  • CL series. Features a direct coupled impeller with three open blades for minimal product damage. Easily accessible for visual inspection.
  • CLC series. Features a direct coupled impeller with six closed blades for optimum efficiency. Easily accessible for visual inspection.
  • CV series. Designed for pressures from 40 to 80 mwc. Application e.g. with CIP or filtration.

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Centrifugal pump