May 19, 2022




Klaverkaas chooses Flowcomm components

With the planned expansion in Middenmeer in North Holland, Klaver Kaas can double its production in the future. In collaboration with installer Kijpers, owner Marcel Klaver chose Flowcomm valves, pumps and heat exchangers.

Good feeling

One of those specialists was Henk Jonkman of FCPS. Marcel: ‘We have been working together for some time. Based on his knowledge and experience in the field of service, he advised us on Flowcomm valves, pumps and heat exchangers. The installer confirmed this story for the most part, which gave us a good feeling about this. Flowcomm confirmed this by guaranteeing not only the components and operation, but also our total cost of ownership.”

Sustainable choice

The completion of the building in Middenmeer is planned for the end of September. Klaver Kaas can then use the rest of 2021 to run trial production. "The choices we make fit in with our basic principle that everything you put in should ultimately lead to beautiful products," says Marcel Klaver. ‘For example, we are keen on the nutrition our animals receive, because you can taste that in our specialties. We use the same principle with the choices for our new production: what you put in now, you will get out later.'

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