May 19, 2022


Engineeringbureau Jaspers

Engineering bureau Jaspers in Makkum invents, designs, builds, maintains and improves process installations in the food, pharmaceutical and light chemical industry. Simon Jaspers' path crossed that of Flowcomm for the first time during a major project in Leeuwarden in 2016. This resulted in a great collaboration.

“We are now in regular contact about solutions within the design of installations,” says Simon. “Flowcomm is a great club that supplies good products. You can also ask them for advice and advice; they are very involved in what they do and that suits them. We can reach each other quickly when needed. Business, but also for a nice chat. It clicks well between us.”

Simon Jaspers is also very pleased with Flowcomm's product range. “The Bardiani valve is a solid product, manufactured by a genuine Italian family business. Many of the wishes you may have as a customer are met. The same principle applies to the MBS tube heat exchangers. Flowcomm's portfolio is composed of products from manufacturers that share the same family spirit. And that's an attitude I'm comfortable with. It fits well with the way Flowcomm and Jaspers Engineering both work.”

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