May 19, 2022



Coroos is a Dutch family business that preserves fruit, vegetables and pulses and offers it to retailers in Europe in various consumer packaging. The company sees innovation as the basis for success, and therefore invests heavily in factories and in cooperation with its partners. Gilbert van Herwaarden is responsible for new construction, process-technical adjustments and improvements in the factory within Coroos. During the development of ideas into executable concepts, he uses Flowcomm valves and pumps in almost all cases.

“About 15 years ago we opted for valves from manufacturer Bardiani,” says Gilbert. “Not long after that, the pumps from manufacturer CSF followed. Our collaboration with Flowcomm can be summed up in one word: perfect! They have the right knowledge and skills in-house. Flowcomm does not only want to sell components, but first and foremost give good technical advice. Think along about the right solution for us. That angle is worth much more to us than just the sales part.”

As a result, his relationship with the Flowcomm employees grew into a pleasant collaboration on a collegial level. Gilbert: “That is the big difference with other suppliers. We don't feel like one of the many customers, they are our business partners… And maybe that's not even the right word yet. I can read and write with them, you know? There is much more feeling in that.”

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