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A suitable solution for your pharmaceutical and innovative biotech products without forgetting cleaning times and management economy for an optimal result.

Pasta’s, moeilijk verspreidbare poeders, vloeibare tot half vaste cosmetica en wasproducten tot brandbare producten. Ons uitgebreide assortiment voor de farmaceutische en chemische industrie biedt voor iedere substantie een oplossing.

The pharmaceutical and chemical industry requires an extremely secure approach. This industry processes substances that require the utmost precision and must be processed with care.

The composition of pharmaceutical or chemical products is very precise and, in the case of pharmaceuticals, is registered and controlled by the registration authorities. You can imagine that the composition is very accurate and must always be the same. You can only achieve this by using the right and reliable equipment, which performs under all conditions to guarantee quality.

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Other industries

Years of experience in the food, dairy and beverage industry have ensured that we have built up a strong reputation in the market. In doing so, we have gathered new forces, knowledge and components that strengthen us as a team and company; as a result of which our knowledge is becoming increasingly extensive and broader. We can say that we have also developed the necessary knowledge of, among other things, pharmaceutical and chemical processes. If there is an issue involving liquid processes, Flowcomm is the right sparring partner! We have the knowledge and provide transparent advice that benefits the relevant production processes.

In any industry, we consider it our primary responsibility to provide the right advice. Can production be more efficient? Can the maintenance intervals be extended? And last but not least: how can the Total Cost of Ownership be reduced?

An important added value is the ability to think along during the co-engineering phase. An additional advantage of this is that we can often extend the warranty period of our components with a custom-developed Service Level Agreement.





Other products

In addition to all the other components, we also have a number of “other products” that we are extremely proud of. Including the Ygros check valve and Bardiani Giotto Top Unit.

While the pharmaceutical and food industries are constantly adjusting their hygiene requirements upwards, our check valve from Ygros continues to do well in both markets. Thanks to the smooth finish and the design without spring and dead corners, it is very easy to clean. The non-return valve is manufactured from one piece of solid stainless steel 316L, so minimal sensitivity to thermal action. The security within your process is thus guaranteed.

the eye-catcher in your process

And then the eye-catcher in your process! The first thing that catches your eye from a distance are the lighted Giotto tops. This way you can see at a glance which processes are going on. Some of our customers are standardized on one type of top unit. If you have a free choice, we would be happy to enter into a dialogue with you about our top Unit. The Giotto Top unit is a reliable power and the first choice of manufacturer Bardiani. With proven techniques he does what he has to do. That is operational security. More there is more, the top unit is widely configurable, with possibilities to expand. Due to the modular construction, updates can easily be applied within the existing housing. Good to take into account with a view to the future: it is not immediately necessary to buy a new one. In addition, the top unit also has a brother! His name is Junior. Due to its (smaller) size, we can offer an aesthetically pleasing solution for our smaller valves.

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