Knowledge and craftsmanship in the dairy industry

Flowcomm fully deploys its knowledge and craftsmanship for the dairy industry. With this knowledge in combination with an extensive program of process components, we are able to supply the best hygienic solution that the dairy industry needs.

Our world and needs are constantly changing. This represents huge potential for the dairy industry in the coming years.

Because we act as partners, we are naturally aware of the latest trends and developments. This is why we can respond to issues, strict standards and/or problems in a well-founded manner. The dairy industry can rely on a comprehensive range of hygienic process components from Flowcomm.

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Milk and butter

The Dutch dairy industry is doing very well internationally with a production of 14.5 billion kilos of cow's milk. The dairy industry puts the Netherlands well on the map worldwide; it is the white engine for a large part of the Dutch economy. But the landscape will face major changes in the coming years. Prices are under pressure due to the increasing milk yields per cow. This not only requires product innovation, but also more efficient production methods.

We are proud to say that many milk and butter factories in the Netherlands are standardized with our Bardiani valves. Our heat exchangers and pumps are also increasingly being preferred, and for good reason. Our components are made of solid stainless steel bar material, not sensitive to thermal stress and EHEDG certified. So if you are looking for a partner who thinks along with you and who dares to give guarantees on product and advice, please contact us.



Cheese; a unique and demanding production process

The cheese production process is unique and demanding. This requires specific knowledge. We have that knowledge of such production processes and know how you can optimize this. Such as with our heat exchangers that provide effective heat treatment while preserving nutritional value. Or with our valves and pumps with which we guarantee hygienic solutions, continuity and safety.

There is a strong growing demand for special cheeses with raw milk as the main ingredient. Several types of goat cheese, soft and hard cheeses, not to mention blue cheeses. All cheeses that require a different production process and special aftercare. This fast-growing industry is professionalizing day by day and Flowcomm now supports several customers in this. Our hygienic process components ensure continuity and speed within the process.

Ice cream requires a flexible production environment

Ice cream is a popular product and is made from dairy, eggs, sugar and flavorings. The process consists of mixing the ingredients, pasteurizing, homogenizing and then cooling and maturing. It is also a dairy product that has most forms in terms of flavors and recipe. This requires a flexible and efficient production environment. Not only in scalability in volume during the different seasons, but also focused on the preparation process and the variety of dry and liquid ingredients in each recipe. These are all conditions and variables that must be taken into account when co-engineering or purchasing the components. We would like to share our experience in this field with you.

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