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The beverage industry produces, trades and distributes beverages. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The sector supplies directly to food retailers and (catering) companies. This industry is characterized by low volatility and a large export importance. The legislation and regulations surrounding consumption are putting pressure on the sector. Nevertheless, worldwide the consumption of drinks is increasing rapidly in volume and supply.

Successfully producing a drink requires the best ingredients and an optimized production process. Consulting and innovation is becoming increasingly important for both private label and brand manufacturers. Our hygienic process components in combination with the knowledge gained through experience are widely used within the beverage industry and we are proud of that.

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Fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables lend themselves extremely well as a base for juices, purees and other forms of drinkable food. It is precisely there where Flowcomm's roots lie. Our Italian suppliers of the CSF INOX Group are located in the north of Italy, the beating heart of the fruit and vegetable growing and related industries.

They are products with a high acidity, the liquid is viscous and they often contain seeds or kernels. Flowcomm has thorough knowledge of what such raw materials require from a production process. We provide expert advice and come up with hygiene solutions that provide guarantees and reduce maintenance costs.





A fresh look at soft drink production

Each product has its own preparation method, specific properties and production challenges. In addition to hygiene, the challenge for many soft drink producers is that the product is abrasive due to the processing of sugar or not.

Flowcomm's hygienic components are regularly installed within the soft drink industry. A good example of what our components are capable of within the soft drink industry is with the largest cola producer in the world. Here we mounted a complete manifold with valves vertically as this saved space in the factory. A striking illustration where a combination of knowledge, advice and high-quality parts can lead to.

Only quality for craft

The strength of our company lies not only in the quality of our products, but equally in the higher level of our knowledge. Knowledge of the product, knowledge of the market, knowledge of the problem. Because we are familiar with the challenges within the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

And we are happy to share this knowledge; that makes us successful partners. Skillful and skilled. We ensure that customers can count on the return they are entitled to. Based on years of experience and a broad field of view about the efficacy of these products.

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