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The drinks industry produces, sells and distributes drinks. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The sector is a direct supplier of food retailers and (catering) companies. This industry is characterised by low volatility and very considerable export value. The legislation and regulations regarding consumption place pressure on the sector. Nevertheless, worldwide consumption of drinks continues to increase rapidly in terms of both supply and volume.

Successful production of a drink requires the best ingredients and an optimised production process. Reliable consultation and an innovative approach are becoming increasingly important for private labels and brand-name manufacturers alike. In combination with know-how accumulated in the course of long-time experience, our hygienic process components are widely implemented within the drinks industry, which makes us proud.


Fruit and greens

Fruit and greens create an extremely good basis for juices, puréed foods and other forms of drinkable food. This is the fertile ground in which Flowcomm first took root.
Our Italian suppliers from the CSF INOX Group are located in the north of Italy, the beating heart of greens and fruit cultivation and its related industries.

These are products containing a high degree of acidity, the liquids are viscous and they often contain seeds or pits. Flowcomm possesses thorough knowledge of the demands these kinds of materials place on the production process. We provide guaranteed expert advice and hygienic solutions that keep maintenance expenses pleasantly low.

Soft drinks

Every product has a particular preparation method, its own specific characteristics and production-related challenges. The abrasiveness of soft drink products, which depends on sugar processing, or indeed the lack thereof, presents another challenge in addition to hygiene.

Flowcomm’s hygienic components regularly find placement in the soft drinks industry. A wonderful example of the kings of things our components can accomplish within the soft drinks industry can be found implemented by the world’s largest producer of cola. Here, we have a complete variety of vertically installed valves, since this saves space in the factory. A striking example of what a combination of know-how, advice and high-quality components can accomplish.



Breweries have traditionally flourished in the vicinity of wells containing water suitable for the brewing of beer. Treated mains water is what is mostly used nowadays. Thousands of different kinds of beer are brewed worldwide using just four natural ingredients (water, grain, hops and yeast).

Brewing beer was originally an activity associated with artisan, but as time went by, more and more industrial breweries appeared. Using processes subject to continual optimisation without compromising quality and taste, and basic ingredients that must not be modified. This requires knowledge of the process as well as knowledge of the effects of temperature changes on the product. Flowcomm provides services to several Dutch beer breweries.