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Flowcomm brings comprehensive knowledge and professionalism to the dairy industry.

Flowcomm brings comprehensive knowledge and professionalism to the dairy industry. With the aid of this knowledge, combined with a broad scheme of process components, we are able to deliver the best hygienic solutions required by the dairy industry.

Our world and the requirements it poses are constantly changing. This signifies enormous potential for the dairy industry in the years to come. Since we’re established as partners, it follows that we are always in step with the latest trends and developments. This is why we are able to provide well-founded responses to questions, strict standards and/or problems that may arise. The dairy industry can rely on Flowcomm for a broad assortment of hygienic process components.

Increasingly higher demands are being placed on production processes in the dairy industry. In addition to retaining flavouring agents and nutrients as well as the extension of shelf life, guarantees are being provided for output products of increasingly high quality.

Dairy industry

Milk and butter

The Dutch dairy industry produces 14.5 billions of kilograms of milk, which is outstanding from an international viewpoint. The Dutch dairy industry puts the Netherlands on the map as far as global milk production is concerned; it provides the driving force for a considerable portion of the Dutch economy. But the dairy scene is in for some significant changes in the years to come. Pricing is under pressure due to increasingly higher milk production. This is creating a need for more efficient production methods, in addition to production innovation.

We can rightly boast that a good number of milk and butter producers in the Netherlands have standardised their operations with the aid of our Bardiani valves. Preference is also being increasingly given to our pumps and heat exchangers, and this is not without reason. Our components are manufactured from solid, stainless steel bar material, and are not sensitive to thermal stress. They’re also EHEDG certified. Thus, if you are looking for a partner who thinks the way you do, and who can provide guaranteed products and advice, contact us.


The cheese production process is unique and highly demanding. It can only be accomplished correctly with the aid of specific knowledge. We have gained this knowledge in the course of similar production processes, and we know how it can be optimised. Just as our heat exchangers ensure effective heat treatment that allows nutrients to be preserved. Or our valves and pumps, with which we guarantee hygienic solutions, as well as continuity and safety.

The demand for raw milk-based special cheeses is growing rapidly. Several kinds of goat cheese, soft and hard cheeses, as well as mould cheeses. All of which are cheeses that require a different production process and special aftercare. This rapidly-growing sector is becoming more professionalised with every day that passes, and Flowcomm is providing support to an increasing number of clients all the while. Our hygienic process components provide for continuity and speed within the process.

Dairy industry
Dairy industry

Ice cream

Ice cream is a popular product manufactured from dairy products, eggs, sugar and flavouring agents. The process involves mixing of the ingredients, pasteurisation, homogenisation, followed by refrigeration and ageing. It is also the most-varied dairy product in terms of available recipes and flavours. This requires an efficient and flexible production environment. Not just in terms of scalability of volume during the various seasons, but also with respect to the manufacturing process and the diversity of dry and liquid ingredients in each recipe. All of which are conditions and variables which must be taken into consideration during co-engineering or procurement of the components. We are pleased to be able to share our experience with you in this area.