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Sjoerd van den Donk

Our ambassador



D&W Proces Technology develops and manufacturers process installations for the foodstuffs sector. Every project is unique, custom-tailored to meet the needs of the client. To achieve this, D&W Process Technology moves through various engineering stages together with the client. The company is able to make its own, independent choices regarding components. But if the client has not provided any specifications, we opt for Flowcomm’s complete assortment of components.

Sjoerd van den Donk, shareholder and proposed successor of director/owner Leon van de Donk, tells how Flowcomm and D&W have been working together for a long time. “We’ve developed a bond of trust”, he declares of the choice. “As a small, flexible company, we need a partner with the same switching speed. Somebody who will stand with us through the stressful times, without requirement for endless discussion. Flowcomm thinks and acts the same way we do. You’ve got to be able to rely on one another during critical moments, go the extra mile together. Hence our unwritten partnership”.

It would seem that this kind of cooperation is of great value to D&W. Sjoerd: “It puts us in a position where we can sell our process installations the way we want to”. We’ve been carrying out customised projects for 21 years now. Every time, we develop and construct unique installations in accordance with our clients’ specific demands and requirements. Everything is new. When you work this way, it’s impossible to foresee all of the obstacles that might come up in practice. It’s about overcoming these obstacles in a way that satisfies the client. Up to today, we’ve been successful at that. This is partly thanks to good suppliers, such as Flowcomm. I can reach them at times when I need them, they think along with us at times when we need them to, and they go that extra mile when we need them to. On account of the experience and trust that’s built up between us, I don’t feel the need to browse about further”.