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Simon Jaspers

Our ambassador



Engineering bureau Jaspers in Makkum conceives, designs, constructs, maintains and improves process installations in the foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and light chemical industries. The paths of Simon Jaspers and Flowcomm crossed for the first time in 2016 in the course of a large project in Leeuwarden. The encounter was to develop into a wonderful partnership.

“Today we maintain regular contact regarding installation design solutions”, Simon relates. ““Flowcomm is a fine club that supplies good products”. You can also ask them for counsel and advice; they are very committed to what they do and this complements their company very significantly. We can reach each other quickly whenever we need to. For business reasons, but sometimes just for a nice chat. We click well together.”

Simon Jaspers is also very happy about Flowcomm’s product package. “The Bardiani valve is a sturdy and reliable product, manufactured by an authentic Italian family enterprise. Many of the requests you would have as a client have been fulfilled. The same guiding principle applies to the tube heat exchangers provided by MBS. Flowcomm’s portfolio is composed of products manufactured by similar, family-run companies. And that is a point of view with which I am very comfortable. It goes well with the way Flowcomm and Jaspers Engineering both work”.