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Sander Jansen

Our ambassador


Owner and managing director

Sanco Processing has carried out projects involving water evaporation since 2007. The engineering firm designs, delivers and installs evaporators, spray dryers and related components. These evaporators and spray dryers are frequently used in the foodstuffs industry.

Sander Jansen is the director of Sanco Processing BV. “In fact, we’ve been a client of Flowcomm since our company’s founding in 2007. We buy their valves, pumps, heat exchangers, as well as components from their entire selection, really. We do this because we know that the people working there know their stuff. That’s what we look for in a new, cooperative partner. There are some suppliers who merely pack and unpack boxes, but we prefer to work with specialists with application know-how and an eye for quality”.

A mutually-complementary cooperative relationship has been created in combination with our own knowledge and experience”, Sanders claims. “At the same time, Flowcomm offers an assortment of quality products. They know what they can offer and that’s why we keep going back”.