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Henk van den Bor

Our ambassador



NutriDutch manufactures high-quality, edible lactose and whey protein concentrate for the international foodstuffs industry. The modern factory established in Putten in the Netherlands is equipped with the latest technology. NutriDutch is environmentally-conscious, innovative and always delivers quality.

Henk van den Bor is co-owner of the company. “We purchase valves and heat exchangers from Flowcomm. Bardiani and MBS are the brands we’re thrilled about. It really is good stuff. Flowcomm’s sales agents have the right know-how required to implement sound advice on the basis of the calculations. And the service they provide for commissioning is more extensive than what I had contemplated previously”.

“They always respond quickly to any questions you may have”, Henk concludes. “The same applies to the heat exchangers. It’s nice to be able to switch rapidly. They’re a little better at it than most of the others in the market.