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Gilbert van Herwaarden

Our ambassador

Gilbert van Herwaarden

Chief of Project Engineering

Coroos is a Dutch family enterprise that increases the sustainability of fruit, greens and legumes, which it then offers to retailers throughout Europe in different types of consumer packaging. The company sees innovation as the foundation of success, and therefore invests considerably in factories and in cooperation with its partners. At Coroos, Gilbert van Herwaarden is responsible for new construction, application of technical processes and improvements to the factory. During the stage in which ideas are being developed into practicable concepts, he uses Flowcomm valves and pumps in nearly every instance.

“About 15 years ago, we made the choice for Bardiani valves”, Gilbert tells us. “Pumps manufactured by CSF soon followed. Our cooperation with Flowcomm can be described with a single word: perfect! They have just the right know-how and expertise. Flowcomm doesn’t just seek to sell components, its main concern is providing good technical advice. Common engagement in the search for the perfect solution. Perspective is more valuable to us than just selling parts”.

His relationship with Flowcomm’s employees has grown into a fine example of cooperation among colleagues. Gilbert: “This is the principal distinction with other suppliers. We don’t see ourselves as one of many clients, they are our business partners… And perhaps that’s not even the right word. I can read and write together with them, you see? That puts a lot more feeling into it”.