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Alexander van Rouwendaal

Our ambassador




They’re considered the trend-setters as far as sustainability and professionalisation of the biological dairy sector are concerned. VecoZuivel BV in Zeewolde is a leading company standardised with the aid of basic equipment provided by Flowcomm. “Our dealings with them involve valves, pumps, filter housings and tube heat exchangers”, says Alexander van Rouwendaal, owner of VecoZuivel.

His experience dealing with Flowcomm employees has been completely satisfactory. Alexander: “These are experienced people with a great deal of expertise. They really know how to help, and they keep good track of the goods they deliver. We like to deal with contact persons who know their business, and that’s the kind of people we always deal with at Flowcomm. In 2009, we added a newly-constructed process. During this time, we commenced searching for the best valves available. These turned out to be the valves manufactured by Bardiani, due to the sturdiness of the housing. That’s what determines the lifetime of the valve. Our choice was not based on personal experience, but it would seem today it was indeed the correct one. This is reliable material with high dimension stability under temperature fluctuations. And we hear the same thing from colleagues in the market who have also made the transition to Bardiani valves”.

According to him, there is no more ‘rubbish’ being sold about the Netherlands these days. Flowcomm’s’ products stand out, above all the rest. “Personally, I think Bardiani is the best brand of valve”, is the opinion Alexander shared with us. He has also been very happy with the spare parts supply, and expressed the hope that this would be the case for years to come, even with respect to older models and designs. Delivery times are also perfectly satisfactory. “If local inventories in the Netherlands turn out to be deficient in some cases, you can always stock up relatively quickly on parts directly from Italy” has been his experience.