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Clients tell their stories

Gilbert van Herwaarden

Chief of Project Engineering

Coroos is a Dutch family enterprise that increases the sustainability of fruit, greens and legumes, which it then offers to retailers throughout Europe in various consumer packaging. The company sees innovation as the foundation of success, and therefore invests considerably in factories and in cooperation with its partners. At Coroos, Gilbert van Herwaarden is responsible for new construction, application of technical processes and improvements to the factory. During the stage in which ideas are being developed into practicable concepts, he uses Flowcomm valves and pumps in nearly every instance.

Simon Jaspers


Engineering bureau Jaspers in Makkum conceives, designs, constructs, maintains and improves process installations in the foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and light chemical industries. The paths of Simon Jaspers and Flowcomm crossed for the first time in 2016 in the course of a large project in Leeuwarden. The encounter was to develop into a wonderful partnership.



D&W Proces Technology develops and manufacturers process installations for the foodstuffs sector. Every project is unique, custom-tailored to meet the needs of the client. To achieve this, D&W Process Technology moves through various engineering stages together with the client. The company is able to make its own, independent choices regarding components. But if the client has not provided any specifications, we opt for Flowcomm’s complete assortment of components.




They’re considered the trend-setters as far as sustainability and professionalisation of the biological dairy sector are concerned. VecoZuivel BV in Zeewolde is a leading company standardised with the aid of basic equipment provided by Flowcomm. “Our dealings with them involve valves, pumps, filter housings and tube heat exchangers”, says Alexander van Rouwendaal, owner of VecoZuivel.



NutriDutch manufactures high-quality, edible lactose and whey protein concentrate for the international foodstuffs industry. The modern factory established in Putten in the Netherlands is equipped with the latest technology. NutriDutch is environmentally-conscious, innovative and always delivers quality.


Owner and managing director

Sanco Processing has carried out projects involving water evaporation since 2007. The engineering firm designs, delivers and installs evaporators, spray dryers and related components. These evaporators and spray dryers are frequently used in the foodstuffs industry.

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