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Butterfly valve

About the butterfly valve

We believe a butterfly valve should not be treated like a commodity. We pay a great deal of attention to the design of our valves. That’s why our cuffs are equipped with linear sealing on the shaft. The valve is also equipped with shaft sleeves to combat wear and tear. Everything is designed to provide a long service life without leaks or seepage. The leak detection will indicate when maintenance is required.

At this point, it’s a question of ‘easy maintenance’. Another area that has been given much consideration. An indicator on the shaft displays the position of the butterfly, which prevents a common error during installation. The butterfly valve is even available in a special easy maintenance version that keeps maintenance costs extra low. Overhaul of the motor is as easy as the valve: a sustainable alternative. The butterfly valve can be equipped with air motors with varying diameters – including oversized – which facilitates process optimisation.

Butterfly valve

Butterfly valve features

Various versions of the butterfly valve

  • Air-pressure operated (type ZVF)
  • Manually-operated (type VVF)
  • Intermediate flanges for easy disassembly (type VVF-W)
  • Proximity switch
  • Custom design available upon request

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Our sophisticated butterfly design pays off in practice