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Ball valve

About the ball valve

Our ball valve is a product used for the heaviest and most demanding applications that must comply with maximum hygienic conditions. Conditions that involve very close tolerances. The ball valve is intended for processes with a production flow in which minimum or even no stagnation can be tolerated or in which, in some cases, the full pipe diameter is required to allow the product through.

The air motors and the top units come from Bardiani Valvoles, which is another indication of high quality. The ball valves come from 4-Ghidini, where each valve is subjected to a strict final inspection regime.

Ball valve features

Various versions of the ball valve

Each component that comes into contact with the final product or with the pneumatic components is manufactured from a single piece of solid stainless steel. The dimensions of the pneumatic components, the selection of the type of connection and other characteristics can be adjusted in accordance with requirement.

  • Available as a two or three-way valve, air-pressure operated or manually-operated.
  • Heatable valve body
  • Various types of elastomers available
  • Custom design available upon request


  • Ball valve, air-pressure operated (type ZVS)
  • 3-Way ball valve (type ZVS)
  • Ball valve, manually-operated (type VVS)

More information

Flowcomm valves are among the world’s best as far as sturdiness and hygienic design are concerned