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Automatic control valve

About the automatic control valve

An expert bit of control technology can make the difference in production process design. Our automatic control valve from Bardiani is available with various positioning systems: pneumatic 0.2 to 1 bar or electro-pneumatic 4 to 20 mA. At the same time, as far as we’re concerned, an automatic control valve must not be modeled in too delicate a fashion.

This is why our valve bodies are manufactured from stainless steel bar material. This makes them sturdy and insensitive to thermal effects under conditions that involve fluctuating temperatures. And then there is the matter of flexibility. The abundance of valve body designs lets you explore seemingly limitless options. Do you require something in particular? No problem at all. Our production is tailored to your demands.

Maintenance has also been taken into consideration. With our solid body design (without clamp), the valve body can remain in place inside the piping system. The standard O-rings are widely available and easy to install. Has an older generation been installed? If so, the stainless steel parts can be supplied. Guaranteed.

Automatic control valve features

Automatic control valve options and designs

  • Aseptic by means of a double barrier
  • Heated body
  • Pneumatic positioning
  • Electro-pneumatic positioning
  • Special plugs
  • Custom design available upon request


  • Standard closed automatic control valve (type ZK)
  • Flow-divert automatic control valve (type ZK-divert)

More information

Sturdy automatic control valves remain dependable in all circumstances