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The best products. Reliable partners. That’s why.

Does our mission fit your company?

We believe our primary responsibility is to provide accurate advice. Can production be made more efficient? Can maintenance intervals be extended? And, last but not least: how can we reduce our total cost of ownership?

An important added value is the capacity to become engaged at the co-engineering stage. An additional advantage of this is that we are frequently able to extend the warranty term for our components with a custom-tailored Service Level Agreement.

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How does Flowcomm assume responsibility?

Our advice goes hand in hand with a solid foundation. Everybody does this, but Flowcomm lends it additional force by offering extensions in the form of warranty periods. Application dependent up to ten (10) years in cases where the maximum warranty term on the market is one (1) year.

The nominal value is really in our warranty for elastomers; where the market offers no warranty for wear parts, Flowcomm provides warranties of up to three years! During these periods, we make malfunctions, breakdowns, maintenance and repairs our own problem, and the service is performed at our own expense. We can guarantee this because we work with the best people. The best products. That’s why.

Hygienic process components

for the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and light chemical industries

Our people’s expertise consists in their knowledge of hygienic applications within the processing industry. From those applications of a more industrial character within the food industry to high-quality solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We work together with our clients towards finding the best solutions.

Flowcomm’s specialised product package consists of pumps, valves, heat exchangers and a number of special products. We are proud to be able to supply the appurtenant applications, as well as the appropriate solutions, for all of the industries named above. We have our own private service company and always maintain a broad store of spare parts on hand.

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